Kato’s Gems #10

Carlos Santana

For our tenth date we start immediately with a discone! Carlos Santana’s “The Swing of delight”, released in 1980. The cast participating in the album sees Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Tony Williams, Ron Carter, Armando Peraza, Harvey Mason, and production by David Rubinson. This should already give you clues about the goodness of the record, but you just need to know that Santana is in inspired mode. He records his second solo album with the name Devadip which was given to him by his Guru Sri Chinmoy, with whom he was in very strong connection at the time. A disc that arrives in a moment of particular emptiness and restores dignity to the fusion, imbuing it with Latin nuances and indicating a new direction


Now is the time for some 80s Hip Hop, with Stetsasonic’s “In Full Gear”, released in 1988. The group represents the original Hip Hop Band, which paved the way for The Roots and Arrested Development. Programming, samples and tools blend perfectly thanks to the genius of Prince Paul, one of the most important producers in the history of Hip Hop. A mix of jazz, funk, rap and some dancehall hints, the album goes back to when you had to make great music first to break through. All this by crossing this musicality with the run-DMC visceral energy. My favorite tracks are “Talkin ‘all that jazz” “Sally” and “The Odad”.

The Persuaders

Soul Gem. Very few discs but all very powerful! These are the Persuaders. In 1973 the New York soul quartet made their most beautiful record, with great arrangements and great vocal harmonies. Sampled and covered to the bitter end by people who have had much more success than them, the group had this tough and proud image on all covers, which clashed with the idea of ​​reassuring soul music proposed by Motown.