Kato’s Gems #1

Too Short – Short Dog’s In The House

Let’s start immediately with Too Short’s “Short Dog’s In The House”, released in 1990. The Bay Area rapper is a pioneer who influenced many M.C. came after him, with his Pimp style and the great musicality of his beats. This is one of the first albums in which the 808 and 909, classics of his production style, are combined with samples, breaks and classic funk riffs resonated by musicians in the studio. Driven by the single “The Ghetto” (which will live a second youth after being included in GTA San Andreas) the album is an essential document of the sound of the west coast during the Golden Age!

Pino Daniele – Nero a metà

At 24 years old, Pino Daniele’s talent is in his best shape. We are wrong if we think that this album is the expressive peak of a single artist, immersed in his own intimate inspiration, because Pino Daniele was truly the leader of a musical movement. Everyone participates in the perfect success of this milestone, with a passion that generally is dedicated only to a disc that bears the own name on the cover. Soon in the studio, everyone breaths air of a masterpiece and jumps for being there, even if only marginally (like Enzo Avitabile who does the choruses of “I like it like me or blues”) and James Senese, Tony Cercola, Agostino Marangolo, Gigi De Rienzo. All of them offer their best to “Nero a metà”. Dwelling on individual songs is really useless, in this record we can listen to blues, funk, jazz, world music and Neapolitan tradition, and for sure this is one of the great classics of Italian music.

The Lovely Bad Things

The raw energy of Surf and Punk music, a lo-fi attitude and a great love for the Pixies and for Star Wars. Combining all these factors together, plus a personality capable of making this mix of elements explosive and credible, you obtain the album of the day, the debut of The Lovely Bad Things, “The late great whatever”, released in 2013 for Volcom Entertainment.