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Kato’s Gems #10

Carlos Santana For our tenth date we start immediately with a discone! Carlos Santana’s “The Swing of delight”, released in 1980. The cast participating in the album sees Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Tony Williams, Ron Carter, Armando Peraza, Harvey Mason, and production by David Rubinson. This should already give you clues about the goodness of […]

Kato’s Gems #9

Alberto Pizzigoni Welcome to the ninth round of Kato’s Gem. Today we start with “Mildness”, released in 1988, is the latest jazz album by Alberto Pizzigoni, a master, one of the best Italian guitarists ever, who has worked with all the names that count of Italian music and more (Trovajoli, Gianni Ferrio, Gorni Kramer, Gerry […]

Kato’s Gems #8

The Roots “Undun” by The Roots, released in 2011. The work is structured as a concept album, built on the life of a boy (Redford Stephens) who grew up in the US ghettos. According to many we are in the presence of the best band of the last twenty years, able to transcend genres like […]

Kato’s Gems #7

Frank Zappa Welcome to our seventh appointment of Kato’s Gems. Today we start with Frank Zappa’s “Over Nite Sensation”, released in 1973. Between Free Jazz and Prog, with even xylophones capable of inserting themselves into the compositional plot, we could think of something brainy. Instead here is Zappa perfectly focused on the song form. From […]

Kato’s Gems #6

Common – Can i borrow a dollar Welcome back to our 6th appointment. Let’s start immediately with “Can i borrow a dollar” by Common, released in 1992. The debut album of the conscious rapper par excellence, is actually quite disconnected from the awareness that will impregnate the Chicago rapper’s lyrics from “Resurrection” onwards. His goal […]

Kato’s Gems #5

2Pac – Thug Life Welcome to our now usual Monday appointment: Kato’s Gems # 5. In 1994 2Pac (R.I.P.) put together a group of trusted friends and collaborators (Big Syke, brother Mopreme, Macadoshis and Rated R) and gave birth to “Thug Life Volume 1”, the first and unfortunately only album of this formation. Here is […]

Kato’s Gems #4

Emanuele De Raymondi The first album of this fourth round of Kato’s Gems is “Ultimo domicilio” by Emanuele De Raymondi, released in 2013 for ZeroKilled Music, a label founded by another Italian artist who has found luck abroad, Costanza Francavilla. Treated pianos, synthetic strings and post-glitch hints that mark the pinnacle of creativity of the […]

Kato’s Gems #3

Masta Ace Incorporated The record of the day is “Slaughtahouse”, the first album released under the name Masta Ace Incorporated, in 1993. Masta Ace, legendary M.C. Juice Crew, is one of the best writers in the history of rap, still active and in good shape today. Here he was at the peak of his form […]

Kato’s Gems #2

Iomos Marad – Deep Rooted A hidden gem of the underground rap of the early 2000s introduces the second post of this column. If you know (and love) J-Live, Lone Catalysts and All Natural this album will simply drive you crazy. The conscious trend of rap in those years expressed some excellences (and many more […]

Kato’s Gems #1

Too Short – Short Dog’s In The House Let’s start immediately with Too Short’s “Short Dog’s In The House”, released in 1990. The Bay Area rapper is a pioneer who influenced many M.C. came after him, with his Pimp style and the great musicality of his beats. This is one of the first albums in […]