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We’re so proud to announce the opening of a new section dedicated to our favourite samplers!
On Earth, only on you can play a sampler with your keyboard (it doesn’t work on smartphones) and read some nice infos about it! The sounds you’re going to listen to were sampled in those machines, so you can hear how they elaborate sounds, they are mp3 so it’s thought only for sound orientation, to have some fun with a basic finger drumming and to know something more about those pieces of technologic art.
We put out the first 4 samplers from Akai: S900, MPC 60II, MPC 3000 and MPC 2000XL. The other samplers are ready to come out yet, but we want to know from you if you want more!
Write us your feedback on our socials and remember to share if you like them!

The most exciting competition in the world is online as early as November 1st! “From Dust 2 Gold“, the second edition of our flagship contest! Only at The MPC Box we offer a MPC 1000 Custom as a reward and give this opportunity at a popular price! We want you to express yourself to the best, that’s why we provided a sample pack worthy of the name, with breaks, basses, melodic samples and harmonic samples coming from our beloved discs! For this edition we have the pleasure of having as a guest on the jury Kyo Itachi (Shinigamie records), the French super Beat Maker with more than 20 powerful albums behind him! So what are you waiting for? Accept the challenge! Click Here

All the beats in the competition will be included in a beat tape that at the end of the competition will go around the world and maybe who knows, new connections could be born! You have time until the end of November to subscribe! You can find all the details here.

Good luck and do your best!


Kyo Itachi

We’re proud to present our new restyled site with new added features!

VIDEOS SECTION, with some videos from our productions, making of, lives, beat sets (work in progress)
EVENTS SECTION, where you get connected with all our activities, such as online and physical competitions, lives ecc.
SHOP SECTION, where you can support our activities purchasing our products

Coming soon Drieddung Chemistry on 7″ vinyl!
Limited Edition of 4 tracks from the homonym album Drieddung Chemistry, out in 2015 only on CDs which were sold out in 2 weeks. An album for dark underground Hip Hop enthusiasts, cutted by Beats Threat records exclusively for
It’s also available the LP version in digital download!

The new blazing loop’s EP is inspired by a classic and timeless style. It reproduces a certain 90s rap attitude committed to the essential component of hip hop. Rhymes, beats, flow and contents.
It sounds like a testament for the new generations, to pass on what’s really important.

Il pianeta delle scimmie is Inzu and Kato’s journey. Inzu handles with special care the sound of the beats he creates, with a fresh and immersive boom bap. Kato’s rhymes are characterized by real streams of consciousness, which go beyond the genre’s classical structures often leaving no room for chorus.

This results in an amazing listening experience, also thanks to the evident symbiosis between the two artists.