We all want to be better Producers, day after day, beat after beat, track after track, project after project. Try always to beat your last Yourself, you have the tools to do it, you have the experience on your side, more than your last yourself. The only thing you have to keep clear in your mind, is the Goal. It can be a small one, and for sure after it there will be many more, reach it, as small it is, reach it. Then go on to the next one. if it’s too big, in this particular moment, maybe you still don’t have the tools to reach it..

..It’s ok! It’s normal!

Divide it into more smaller goals, by going back, it’s useful to get a clearer POV and you’ll get all you need to get to The Big One. One of the missions as The MPC Box is to help Beat Makers and Producers to level up themselves, and we do it organizing online and venues, in few words, pin some goals on the calendar. We know for sure that practising everyday is fundamental to achieve abilities and creative evolution, as the same as learning how to manage Time in front of the various tasks which we all have every day. If you have Passion into this, define a daily time to dedicate to, it’s important!

Think about this, there will be soon more occasions to talk about again. Here below, you can find just 3 of the online previous Beat Battles, which every subscriber enjoyed in peace of mind and challenged  him/herself, not the others, it’s always about your vibes, you’re your first sincere judge!