Akai Mpc 2000xl


The MPC 2000 is a standard 16-bit, 44.1 kHz Mono/Stereo sampler introduced in 1997, then discontinued in 2000, replaced by the MPC 2000XL, and it's the first model without the Roger Linn collaboration.

The sampler was the best in its era and became an instant "must have", dued to its innovative possibilities about sampling, chopping and sound editing, graphically different from its ancestors (MPC 60 and 3000). All comes in a compact, powerful and fully expandable unit that placed as the main brain in countless studios, and very popular among Beat Makers.

MPC 2000XL is becoming very popular as I said, but if you want it as the first MPC and you're new to them, prepare yourself to struggle and practice a lot, or change your mind and pick a 500, or a 1000, they're more useful to learn how the MPC works and you don't throw away much money, there is always a time to sell your MPC and buy another model ;)

Basic upgrade are a must, as the RAM amount and the 8 outs, but DON'T WASTE MONEY ON THE EB-16 EFFECT BOARD! It's easily replaceable with an 8/10 channel mixer with digital effect, and they're even better! Of course you need for the 8outs board to do this. The F-ROM is also a very good upgrade, specially for the 2000 classic, where you can install the OS and don't manage with floppies at the startup

Both 2000/2000xl use same Effects board, 8-out expander and the sampler engine between them is essentially the same. The 2000XL came after the classic with many improvements on the sequencer section and a few added features in the sample editing area, like regions chop mode. In my honest opinion, the 2000 classic is a little more punchy on drums, the XL has a more "standard" character, but both have "a personality"

Personally we love it, it needs a medium learning curve to master this machine, but then it's useful in many ways to reach good results!

The MPC 2000 has been used by MF Doom, Dj Premier, Kanye West, Marco Polo and many more.
- Secco -

Chill with our trial, audio is not the best, but it comes direct from the unit so you can get an idea at least, and dream to pick one :)