The Mpc Box

The MPC Box Idea was born from Secco at the end of 2017 in a little garage box, used as a production studio and laboratory for electronic gear repairings for himself and friends for years before. Quickly by this idea, an Instagram account was created and used to vent all the love for the Akai MPC, and yeah, it’s still the first intention. When Secco met Inzu after an year, they put together their minds to enlarge The MPC Box Idea to something bigger and touchable, something that can relate you and your art sense, in wherever part of the world you are, with its activities. As we love making beats we want to listen to every skilled beatmaker on Earth and help all to grow their personal skills and knowledge. We’re trying to do that specially organising competitions with a certain mind-set (link menu contest). We also offer services about repairs and graphic designs, a shop where you can find all our original products and we are always happy to help if you need any advice.

So this site is a virtual place to get inspiration, skills and knowledge!

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